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'Specialist Art Education Tuition Options'

At Mini Artists we offer a variety of different specialist art educational packages. From our standard home/studio tuition packages to bespoke packages,

Our specialist art educational packages are a great way to advance your budding Mini Artists talent and creativity. Preparing them to expand, imagination, creativity, artistic skill sets and fine art specialist techniques with a experienced teacher on hand to guide them. Which in return spills over to complement other areas of a student overall educational and personal development like; 
  •  Self-confident,
  • Problem solving
  •  Fine-motor skills
  • Social awareness
Therefore, art as a subject, which every way it maybe embraced and approached, integrates perfectly with other cross-curriculum subjects in a subtle and fun way.

Tuition Packages:

- Private Tuition Packages: Can be booked in 8 week or minimum 4 week blocks sessions as part of a  term-time on going artistic development subject. 

- Intensive Courses: Can be deigned and structured based on a timescale that suits the students unique availability. Ideal as holiday sessions or as part of a educational package booked.   

-Skype Lessons: Online private lessons deigned and structured to meet your Childs unique needs. Can be deigned and structured to be delivered as; Term-time sessions, Family Bonding sessions, or Master-Classes or Portfolio sessions. Ideal for students aged  7 and upwards.

-Family Bonding Sessions: Fun way of bonding with your family over creativity. Ideal as one off family sessions or as a packages deigned and structured to meet your families unique needs.

-Gallery outing sessions: Ideal session whereby, students expand their artistic knowledge with a artists guide who then helps your transfer this knowledge into  own unique piece with a studio session. Ideal as gifts or family bonding sessions.  

-Artists studio experiences: Unique lesson based in a artists studio, whereby, students produce their unique piece with the help of the artists. All artists have a specialist medium and this package can be deigned to incorporate each artists specialist.
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