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'Master Class Session' (Unique gifts) 

Indulge your Mini Artists with a unique, fun, creative, present they will never forget!
Book them one of our specailly designed and structured, one off  'Master-Classes'. Or ‘Specialists art practices Master-Classes’. Where students will have their own completed Master Pieces at the end of the session, to always remember that special day! 

- Ideal as a one off group sessions for up to 4 studnets 
-Ideal As Family Bonding Session, for the whole family to indulge in fun and creativity
- Can incoporate a gallery outing session to compelement the Master-Class

You can choose from our standard Master-Class packages, from the examples below, or we can create a bespoke Master-Class based on an artists or movement of your choice.
Master-Classes  Or Family Bonding Sessions Ideas:

- Specialist Acrylic workshop (based on the 'Impression' movement) 
- Specialist Watercolor 'wet on wet' ( William Turner)
- Specialist Drawing workshop (teaching shading and tone)
- Specialist Charcoal workshop (expanding on different charcoal techniques)

                 ‘Specialists art practices Master-Classes’

- illustration Master-Class ‘design your own comic character’ with a professional illustration to teach you all the trade secrets.
-Stop Motion (Animation Master-Class) creating art pieces and then using the stop motion method to turn it in to a mini animation.
-Printng making Specilaist workshop. Learning the trade secrets from the masters of their trade, to create your own unique print. 
Or if you have a specific Art movement or artist in mind, we can design and structure a workshop bespoke to you.   

For more information about Master-Classes contact us quationg  'Master-Class' !

CUBISM                                                                   WATERCOLOR (WET_ON_WET)
 For more information about Private art Tuition/ Art Classes  London please contact us!

OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING                                                   ACRYLIC 

 For more information about Private art Tuition/ Art Classes  London please contact us!

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